Here’s my plan (subject to change)

Yes. I understand that there are conflicts in the list below. And yes, I understand that I will change my mind, or get engaged in a conversation and miss a session. I understand all of that. Nonetheless, here’s my plan for late next week in Denver.

And yes, I will gladly accept recommendations for sessions I may have overlooked. I have highlighted (in red type) people whose work you need to check out if you have not already (with an emphasis on people who my blog readership may not have run across—I’m not gonna highlight Dan Meyer ’cause you know who he is.)


8:00: Teaching and Learning of Algebraic Thinking: Research Insights, Daniel I Chazan, Mark Driscoll, Megan Franke

8:00: Continual Formative Assessment Using the Common Core Mathematical Practices, Karen Fuson

9:30 Algebraic Thinking When Solving Equations and Doing Word Problems, Daniel I Chazan

11:00 Measuring Length and Time in the Common Core, Grades K–1, Constance Kamii

12:30 Keeping It Real: Teaching Math through Real-World TopicsKarim Kai Ani. (Note: I would like to point out that this session will be painful for me to attend, as he mopped the floor with my sorry-ass pony tail in our Chicago debate. Also, I could not get into his session in Philadelphia last year, so SHOW UP EARLY!)

12:30 Meeting the Challenges of the Common Core Standards, Alan H. Schoenfeld

1:00 Research in Algebraic Thinking: Continuing the ConversationMegan Franke, Mark Driscoll, Daniel I Chazan

2:45 mARTh: Using Creative Expression to Connect Students to Mathematical Concepts, Hannah McNeill


8:00 Teaching and Learning of Proof: Research InsightsE. Paul Goldenberg, Patricio Herbst, Eric Knuth

9:30 Essential Mindsets for Tilling the Soil for the Common Core, Steven Leinwand

11:00 Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize, Philip Uri Treisman

02:00 Creating Opportunities for Students to Engage in Reasoning and ProofMargaret Schwann Smith

2:45 Powerful Online Tools Promote Powerful Mathematics, Eli Luberoff, Patrick Vennebush


8:00 They’ll Need It for Calculus, Christopher Danielson

11:00 Tools and Technology for Modern Math Teaching, Dan Meyer

12:30 Viral Math Videos: A Hart-to-Hart Conversation, Vi Hart, George Hart


4 responses to “Here’s my plan (subject to change)

  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I will hopefully be attending and am still digging through the 730ish sessions. Do you know anyone else who’s going? I’d love to meet up. @abrowningcouch

  2. I’ll probably see you in a Chazan session or two on Thursday.

  3. You’ve seen mine. Enjoy a hotel bar or something.

  4. I don’t mind seeing a presentation over again, if I know the ideas are good. See

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