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Lemme guess…nearly 56%?

This one’s for Mary.

NOTE: I understand that I am probably the only one who finds this series amusing. What are you gonna do?


Oh, you’re doing inequalities now?

If I calculated correctly, I can save up to nearly 55%.

Put another way, my discount is less than or equal to almost 55%.

We need a new symbol for this, don’t we? A wavy less-than sign, perhaps?-The equivalent of ≈?

Now the math is getting hard…

So what is 10% off after a 47% discount, nearly?

What? You’re not going to do the math for me this time?

So now I need to know what this discount is, nearly.

Yes, I suppose 46 is nearly 47

46 is nearly 47

Wait! Which is it?

UPDATE: I initially miscalculated the discount on the coupon below. I got 40.7% the first time. It’s 39.7%, which really is “nearly 40%”. My apologies to the Border’s marketing department.