Exothermic fauna: A surface area poem

Two animals

Are both close to a cube

In shape.

The height of the first animal

Is 4 cm

The height of the second animal

Is 6 cm

Which animal

Would experience the greater


Of heat loss?


Thanks to Cathy Yenca and Chris Robinson for the find, whose source is evidently a 2007 U.S. textbook.

mhampton‘s reformulation of my poem (in the comments below) led to some fun over on Twitter, which I collected on Storify.


3 responses to “Exothermic fauna: A surface area poem

  1. Why does seeing this problem spaced this way in italic print make me giggle so much?

  2. In haiku form:

    We are cubical-
    roughly – sizes four and six.
    Who loses more heat?

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