Further progress

This isn’t available on the Khan Academy site yet; just YouTube so far. But it responds to my original critique—that nowhere does Khan Academy help students to compare decimals with different numbers of places.

I initially observed that the my feedback was incorporated in an awfully literal fashion. Frank Noschese came to Mr. Khan’s defense:

Maybe Mr. Khan and I can have an extended conversation in New York in September? (Although I am suspicious that he may be telecommuting to that thing!)


One response to “Further progress

  1. I will need at least one single solitary shred of genuine evidence that he is trying to create quality materials, as opposed to trying to make a good appearance. So far 100% of his actions have been consistent with somebody who feels a need to respond to criticism *if* it generates a whole lot of publicity, not if the criticism is valid. Otherwise he’d fix where he says 2 + 2 is 2, and make a basic “average” lesson that had some pedagogical quality, and… and…

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