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Pumpkin muffins

My wife Rachel made pumpkin muffins last night. Her contribution to the world of baking is the chocolate chip pumpkin muffin. I feel The Honest Toddler would approve. I know that Tabitha does.

Tabitha told me about a dream she had last night. In the dream, there was only one pumpkin muffin left.

Later in the morning, Tabitha counted the muffins in the tin.


She got eight.

Me: Wait. Count those again?

Tabitha (six years old): [Points to her mouth] One. [Points to first muffin in tin] Two, three, …

Et cetera, ending at eight.

Tabitha: So really, we had eight muffins left.

Me: I see, last night when you dreamt there was one, there were really eight.

T: Yes.

Me: That must be reassuring to you.

T: Did you eat one this morning? Then it would be nine.