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Compare and contrast

Digging deep in the comments to bring out some interesting observations.

Chris Hunter reports the two following interactions with his 7-year old daughter:


My daughter comes home from school and tells me she hates math. She completed 13 questions on “The Mad Minute” and compares herself to her best friend who completed all 30.


Bedtime conversation:

Daughter: Dad, did you know that in some countries girls aren’t allowed to go to school? They won’t even get to know what 9 plus 9 is.

Me: Do you know 9 plus 9?

D: No, but I know 10 plus 10 is 20. We do that one a lot.

Me: Okay, so what’s 9 plus 9?

D: 18.

Me: How’d you get that?

D: I counted two down. They make JUST THE GIRLS stay home and do chores ALL DAY.

And Steve Prosser reports a friend’s progress:


[She is a] very bright girl, who because she was home schooled never did much math. Finger-counting still in fifth grade. Hated math. Believed she was terrible at it. After just over 1,000 flashes, she “GOT IT”. She was not bad at math, but had never done enough to internalize the basics. Now she loves math (her favorite subject), and is beginning to excel at it.