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A place value thought experiment

The hundreds chart is a fixture of elementary classrooms. Such a fixture that most of us probably don’t stop to think about it. That’s where I come in. The trouble with place value is that it is too easy. Q: … Continue reading


How many dalmatians were in that movie again? It was one-hundred-and-one, right? Have I angered you yet? If you teach math, I probably have. See, we math teachers are precise people. We like things to be just right. Part of … Continue reading

What is ten?

Consider the seemingly simple question What is ten? Quantity. This refers to how many things there are. If ten is a quantity, then it refers to this many things: ***** ***** Numeration. This refers to how we write how many … Continue reading

Theoretical models and all that

Let’s say you had a four-year old daughter and she was learning to count. Let’s further say that you had a deep interest in number language, had read widely on the matter and thought very, very hard about it. Maybe … Continue reading

Composed units, continued…

Class today was an unholy mess. Truly a mess. You know that feeling you had as a kid on the playground? When you thought you were jumping from the first level and then remembered that you had actually started on … Continue reading