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Happy kindergarten surprises

I was at a table full of kindergartners playing with triangles, trapezoids, and concave hexagons. We were building and chatting. They wanted to know if I wanted to hear them sing in French. I said yes. The sweetest two minutes … Continue reading

My favorite quadrilateral

I am a known fan of triangles and hexagons. I have also been having quite a bit of fun with laser cutters at a local maker space. A while back I wondered what it would be like to decompose a triangle … Continue reading

New Desmos lesson(s)

You should seriously go check out Polygraph. Four versions of a delightful and challenging game: Lines Parabolas Rational functions Hexagons The hexagons will be familiar to long-time readers of this blog. I have run the parabolas version in College Algebra, … Continue reading


Geometry and language

Interesting conversation on Twitter today with Bryan Meyer, Denise Gaskins and Justin Lanier. It began with these tweets on my part, the result of grading some student work. Oh dear. Class inclusion is giving some of my elementary kiddos fits. … Continue reading

Van Hiele levels in my geometry instruction

This mathagogy video has generated some behind-the-scenes discussion in recent months. This week, I got a note from Chris Hill with some questions. I wrote him a long email in response. Here it is: — First a disclaimer. I have … Continue reading