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Units, attributes and four-year olds

From mrdardy in the comments recently: Slightly off topic, but I wanted to share a conversation with my soon to be four year old daughter from this past weekend, We were on a long car drive and she was asking how … Continue reading

A kindergartener on units [Talking math with your parents]

The following conversation took place in my house the other day. Tabitha (6) had been informed by her mother that she (Tabitha) needed to eat something healthy before eating a chocolate-covered donut. I was—and remain—ignorant of the origins of this … Continue reading

Composed units, continued…

Class today was an unholy mess. Truly a mess. You know that feeling you had as a kid on the playground? When you thought you were jumping from the first level and then remembered that you had actually started on … Continue reading

Composed units, or Why I now have the best office door in the math department

composed adj. formed by putting together unit noun a single quantity regarded as a whole If there’s something I enjoy thinking about almost as much as fractions, it’s place value. And I have become convinced that the same idea is … Continue reading

The New Basics

I gave a talk last week. This talk had a click-bait title, for which I am apologetic. The New Basics: Arithmetic and Algebra with 21st Century Tools. Sorry, not sorry. Here is the planned text of that talk. It should bear more than … Continue reading