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Further adventures in Kindergarten fractions

I took the kids camping this past weekend. Fall along the Mississippi River, mid-70-degree days and 50-degree nights. Pretty much perfect. Having read information about our state park together earlier in the day—including the park’s acreage—Tabitha posed a question. Tabitha … Continue reading

How long until dinner? Adventures in Kindergarten fractions

Regular readers of this blog may feel that Griffin has been featured more often in Talking Math with Your Kids than Tabitha has. But in fact it is tied 10 posts to 10 so far. Today, Tabitha takes the lead. Tabitha … Continue reading

Children’s experiences with partitioning [TDI 3]

If you watch this video, you will see a pretty standard U.S. treatment of introductory fraction material. PLEASE understand that this is not about Sal Khan or Khan Academy. What you see in that video is what happens in many, … Continue reading


A propos of nothing the other day, Tabitha asked a strange question. Tabitha (six years old): Why are zero and half the same? Me: They aren’t. T: Like seven is one more than six, but zero and half are the … Continue reading


Another one from the archives. About a year ago, Tabitha was doing a dot-to-dot drawing. Things were going well. She got to 11. Tabitha (five years old at the time): I don’t know what twelve looks like. Me: It’s a … Continue reading