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The comprehensive Oreo database

Here, representing many hours of data collection, including several notebook-equipped excursions to Cub Foods, I present to you the Comprehensive Oreo Database. I would like to replace the present system initial licensure exams in secondary mathematics teaching with a single task: … Continue reading

Nutrition information for Candy Corn Oreos

You should know that Candy Corn Oreos exist, and that one serving consists of 2 cookies which collectively weigh 29 grams, contain 150 calories and 7 grams of fat. You should know further that one serving of candy corn consists … Continue reading

I was wrong…(Oreos, cont.)

This Oreo thing has gotten out of hand. Here is where we stand (with surprise dénouement at the end): @JWDixonizer observed via Twitter that it must be volume that is doubled. I tried to refute that, but could not. Here … Continue reading

My Oreo manifesto, part 3

What? You think my reductio technique is sloppy? You object to my introduction of the Triple-Double when it wasn’t stated in the set up of the proof? You think that chocolate filling is the problem and so you question my … Continue reading

My Oreo manifesto, part 2

So you read my previous blog entry in which I paid homage to the culinary sleuthing of Al Sicherman and alleged that Double Stuf isn’t really double stuf. When we left off, we had been working with the assumption (soon to … Continue reading