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An unnoticed rule for number language

A student question while studying place value uncovers a previously unnoticed rule about how we read numbers aloud. Continue reading

More on the language of place value

Read aloud the following number: 182,356 Now mentally answer this question: What is the value of the 8 in this number? I see two correct ways of stating this: Eighty thousand, and Eight ten-thousands And I’m trying to decide whether I … Continue reading

Place value and language

Timon Piccini writes about a conversation he recently had with his niece. My niece is in grade 1, and she is adept at adding single digits.  With little hesitation she can do her basic addition.  She even showed me that … Continue reading

Talking Math with Your Kids for Kindle!

Someday there will be a full-sized paper version of a Talking Math with Your Kids book (Hear that publishers? Wanna talk? You can find me at the About/Contact page.) Until that day, there is now a mini-version (15,000 words; roughly … Continue reading


Another one from the archives. About a year ago, Tabitha was doing a dot-to-dot drawing. Things were going well. She got to 11. Tabitha (five years old at the time): I don’t know what twelve looks like. Me: It’s a … Continue reading