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The hierarchy of hexagons, continued

Max asks in the comments of the original hierarchy of hexagons post (and, if you are new to this, see also the follow up post)… In defining Bobs, Stacys, and the like, did you run into situations where your definition admitted … Continue reading

Hierarchy of hexagons follow up

Short note with a couple of important points about my hierarchy of hexagons post. An essential piece (perhaps the essential piece) of this whole teaching sequence was that it was based on what my students saw in those hexagons. I designed … Continue reading

The hierarchy of hexagons

True confessions: I find a great deal of the school geometry canon tedious. Does a trapezoid have exactly one or at least one set of opposite parallel sides? Circumcenters and orthocenters. Dull, dull, dull. Boring, boring, boring. School geometry seems to me … Continue reading

The hexagons are here! [#nctmnola]

Forgive the delay. Here are pdf files of the hexagons we built for use in my hierarchy of hexagons lessons. You should be able to open and edit them in Adobe Illustrator. Consider them CC-BY-SA. Set 1 (pdf) Set 2 … Continue reading

Classifying hexagons

In the spring, my prospective elementary teachers move on to the second course in our math content sequence. This one focuses on geometry and measurement. In my never-ending quest to problematize the routine, I’ve been brainstorming ways to help them … Continue reading