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The tale of Tabitha and the two division problems

Consider these two division problems: Problem A: 22 cookies. Each kid gets 10 cookies. How many kids can get a full share? How many are left over? Problem B: 22 cookies. There are 10 kids. How many cookies does each … Continue reading

Division and fractions with a third grader

I found some notes on a conversation I had with Griffin last fall. I do not remember the context for it. Me: Do you know what 12÷2 is? Griffin (8 years old): 6 Me: How do you know that’s right? G: … Continue reading

Partitive fraction division

As promised, more notebook pages on fraction division. This is based on the work I did a while back on trying to write authentic partitive division problems with fractional divisors. (As I wrote that last sentence, I reminded myself what … Continue reading

Common numerator fraction division [#algorithmchat]

My future elementary teachers explore the common denominator fraction division algorithm at the end of the semester. Reading their work got me thinking about common numerator fraction division, and about what sense I could make of the symbols that result. … Continue reading

What if we spoke about division as we do logarithms?

Definition: The quotient, factor a, of c is b if and only if ab is c. We introduce the following notation: Examples When we read this notation aloud, we say (for the second example), The quotient, factor 5, of 10 … Continue reading