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Your Daily Wu: Research

Wu on making claims about teaching and learning that are based on even a shred of research evidence What i think he’s saying Despite strong research evidence to the contrary, and despite the well-known historical trajectory of the development of … Continue reading

Your Daily Wu: Fractions again

wu on putting fractions in simplest form My pointing out that 46/48=23/24 should not be interpreted as affirming the common practice of insisting that every fraction be reduced to the simplest form. There is no mathematical justification for this practice. … Continue reading

Your Daily Wu: Fractions

Week two of Your Daily Wu begins thusly… Wu on fractions [T]he publishers mistakenly believe that intuitive arguments and analogies suffice. Thus, fractions are simultaneously (and incomprehensibly) parts of a whole, a division, and a ratio. (p. 4) what i … Continue reading

Your Daily Wu: Teachers and Math Educators II

wu (again) on teachers and mathematics educators (present company presumably included) Because the flawed [mathematics] they [preservice teachers] learned as K-12 students is not exposed, much less corrected, they unwittingly inflict [this flawed mathematics] on their own students when they … Continue reading

Your Daily Wu: Teachers and Math Educators

Wu on teachers and mathematics educators In March of 2008, I was passing through London’s Heathrow Airport and happened to catch sight of an ad by IBM: “Stop selling what you have. Start selling what they need.” If we let “they” … Continue reading