A short talk I gave this spring

The constraints are these: Five minutes, 20 slides. They advance every 15 seconds whether you are ready or not.

Here is my first stab at the genre, from this spring’s NCTM/NCSM conference in New Orleans. The others who presented that day are all worth watching. You can get the complete list, links and a bit more context from The Math Forum, which hosted the talks.



3 responses to “A short talk I gave this spring

  1. Thanks for posting this. I was ready to get a shot of the way you think about things.

  2. 3:17 “… questions at the front of human knowledge. And that was inaccessible world to me”.

    Actually the front of human knowledge is much closer than you think. Some people compare doing math to exploring a landscape. But math is not like a landscape that is nicely embedded in our 3d space. It’s more like an infinite tree. It branches out really quickly, so you can still find unexplored places just a few steps away.

    (although possibly a more accurate metaphor would be something like a graph of an infinite periodic finitely generated group, but it probably doesn’t say anything to you)

  3. Chris– this kicks ass. I can see why you’re a good teacher from a simple fact that has nothing to do with your content, actually: entering the call and response with Tabitha, The Audience. Really lovely.

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