One response to “frustrated.parent

  1. OMG-
    what the heck is a lattice?

    I think you need to come and have a chat with my daughter….
    8th grade is where the kids all seem to lose interest in math- it becomes very tedious, detailed-therefore easy to make mistakes (particularly with space holders) and .. UNREWARDING because they get the wrong answer after working diligently forever on the problems. I can’t wait until they actually get to the imaginary numbers- or better yet unsolvable problems. That is where the reality really falls out and the whole process becomes torture.
    Of course it doesn’t help any that they took two years to figure out that she was having trouble reading and spelling because she didn’t know her lower case letters – and they took her for regular reading assistance- always during from MATH time… so she ended up falling behind in that too.
    She overcame the (tested and documented) disabilities in 4-6 grade… but the math is a problem with attitude at times. She needs to learn lattice…

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