Mr. Khan? You got some ‘splainin to do!

Oh dear.



No, no, no.


I know we went over this. I know we did.

Seriously, Mr. Khan. Gimme a ring next time, OK? I’ll talk you through it. I promise.

I’m easy to find.

(“Thanks” to Frank Noschese for alerting me.)

6 responses to “Mr. Khan? You got some ‘splainin to do!

  1. My in-laws are looking at me funny. Probably because I loudly said, “WHAT?” and “this is needlessly complicated” while watching that video.

    I mean, converting the percentage to a decimal wasn’t a bad idea, but I’d have written the intermittent step of turning the percent into a fraction out of 100 first. I can see students writing 5% as .5 and 100% as .100 based on the example in this video.

    And factoring out a negative? What the actual f**k?

    I just. I. Gah.


  2. Michael Paul Goldenberg

    Impossible to listen to that much droning Sal Khan without becoming comatose or needing some sort of pharmaceutical. Every journey I take into the world of a Khan Academy video makes me remember why I hated math classes in high school. And why it’s so hard sometimes to look at bad math teaching for too long at one time without losing focus. My psyche withdraws into another reality in desperate hopes that when it emerges in this world again, the bad man will have stopped droning on and on and on. . .

  3. Unfortunately, most folks don’t see a problem with this. It’s all about the “big picture” — he’s got thousands of videos! about everything! and they’re free!

  4. Amazing! I never realized how poorly I was teaching my students! If I had known all along that what I should have been doing was making problems as complicated as possible, I could’ve started that on day one!

    Next up: Calculating area of a circle using differential calculus!

  5. It’s bizarre, for sure…but 3:25 just made me bang my head on a wall. Might be fun to have students critique this one as a class activity.

  6. “Regroup in the numerator” WHAT? And FYI: the vast majority of my students who have mastered the distributive property to that extent – do not need help with the original problem.

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