Griffin and Tabitha are moving


For two years now, I have been documenting the mathematical conversations we have around the house, filed under the category, “Talking Math with Your Kids”.

I have long wanted to bring these conversations to the attention of non-mathy parents. But seriously, they want to wade through my musings on College Algebra, elementary teacher preparation and Khan Academy? I don’t think so.

So these conversations are moving.


Come join us over there, won’t you?

More importantly, do us the favor of sharing the link with parents and caregivers of your favorite 0—10 year olds. Especially those who might be a little bit afraid of math.

In writing for parents, I’m fleshing out the conversations with information about kids’ mathematical development, and with ideas for starting similar conversations with their own kids.

We’ll review products that are targeted at kids and math, and share relevant research and news.

There’s even a contact page where parents can report conversations they have with their kids, and ask questions.

We’re just getting started, so give us a hand won’t you?


2 responses to “Griffin and Tabitha are moving

  1. Have you read möbius noodles? I think you would have a lot of input for them and their lessons with kids.

  2. Thanks for doing this. I shared the link on Facebook the other day, and I’ve already had some of my friends with kids tell me how excited they are to have this resource. I’ll definitely be using it myself. Thanks again!

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