Pattern matching and its role in learning mathematics

Watch the first 15 seconds or so of this queued-up Khan video, which is filed under “Khan Academy Vision”.

We are on board with this, no? Deep understanding of arithmetic leads to an opportunity for students to learn algebra meaningfully, which leads them to be able to learn calculus meaningfully.


So what does this vision of deep understanding of calculus look like?

And that deeper understanding of arithmetic on which the whole scheme depends? Well, it’s a year later and Khan hasn’t touched the comparing decimals videos we critiqued last summer.


2 responses to “Pattern matching and its role in learning mathematics

  1. OUr college pres just posted a link, to FB from his blog, to the latest rah-rah abotu Khan Academy for use in developmental (previously “remedial”) math.
    His blog is called “Am I missing anythign?” but I’m inferring that he doesn’t want to hear the answer to that question…

  2. (I’d replied to his previous links … and he had even also put through my blog about it per … so it was easy to cut and paste the rather voluminous evidence that our students will not particularly benefit from learnign that averages ‘sort of represent’ a group of numbers, and that 2+ 2 is 2 …)

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