Betty’s Pies

In Two Harbors, on Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior is a popular stopping point for vacationers: Betty’s Pies.

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This restaurant moves a tremendous amount of pie each year. How much? Well, I’m not really sure because there was a smudge on the fact sheet on my menu.

Photos - 6717

Middle of the image: “Our bakers make…” (Please ignore the bold, oversized italic typo in the last line)

So how about it? How many pies do you think Betty’s Pies makes each year? Let me know how you think about it in the comments, OK?

Then you can click here to see the rest of Betty’s sign. Is it a good representation of how she cuts her pies?

Finally, you can view an unsmudged version of the menu to check your answer. (No cheating!)

7 responses to “Betty’s Pies

  1. Michael Paul Goldenberg

    Where I grew up, “pasties” had a very different meaning. The things we learn from living in other parts of the country. . . !

  2. I’m with you MP Goldenberg! Maybe Betty wants to compete with Portland’s Voodoo Doughnuts.

  3. It’s all in the pronunciation. The short a pasties are quite family-friendly… now, the sign might not be showing how it’s cut, but how it’s vented.

  4. thanks for this, I am going to use it in 8th grade as an example of a non-linear function

  5. I would go straight to thinking each pie had 8 slices, so I would try to divide 198,000 by 8 to get the number of pies. Although, I’m tempted to use 6 instead, because sometimes, I notice, places like to serve a larger “American-sized” slice to make you feel good about yourself… hmm, I’ll have to look at the picture.

    • Funny, I had the exact same thought and decided to go with 6 slices. But then I looked at the image and it looks like there are 5 slices, though I like the previous comment that this is really the venting slits, not representative of slices. I tried out 5 slices and got 39,600 which doesn’t match the smudged picture, but I assumed they rounded to 40,000 since it says “approximately”. Glad to know my initial guess of 6 slices per pie was correct. To top it all off, my husband is making pie for dessert tonight. 🙂

  6. Right on, abrowningcouch! Now run some numbers and compare to the smudged image. Is it possible that there could be 8 slices per pie?

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