A fun game to play

Here’s a fun game to play with the nearest small child.

Offer her a slice of cheese. Produce said slice. Ask if she would like two. When she says yes, cut the slice in two pieces.

Observe the child’s (dis)satisfaction and discuss.



4 responses to “A fun game to play

  1. Tabitha and I played a version of this game today. She laughed and said, “No I meant two slices!”

  2. My daughter used to get upset if something she had broke in two, like a cookie. I told her it was okay because now she had two of them! It worked when she was 3 and 4… not working so well anymore now that she’s almost 6.

  3. reporting in: I tried this on Juliet with the last of the strawberry halves this morning. I got the “Fierce Kitty” face and a double set of claws brandished at me. One very grumpy kitty told me that stawberry quarters are not the same as strawberry halves. (score!) I had to take a lot of stink eye over breakfast but it was worth it. By the time I dropped her off at school, her spirits had improved – she realized she could do that same trick to me or mom or her friends across the street.
    The real lesson of the day at our house is ultimately not about fractions, or units… it’s avoid math tricks before your subject’s woken up all the way.

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