Parenting is a tremendous amount of work. Within that work are beautiful moments of love and joy. For Tabitha and me, these moments often involve music. We had an impromptu dance party in the kitchen the other night that began with my putting on some music to do dishes by.

When Griffin was born about 8 years ago, I began maintaining playlists. Each year, I collect songs that the kids liked, or that I was listening to, or that reminded me of them in some way. Some years I remember to burn these to CDs to share with family members. But I never delete them.

That first playlist is titled “Griffin year 1”.

Do you see the math here?

Tabitha (five): Are you done with my year 5 playlist yet?

Me: Yes. I finished that when you turned 5. Now I’m working on your year 6 playlist; I’m collecting a bunch of songs during the year and it will be done on your birthday.

T: Why isn’t this my year 5 playlist?

Me: Good question. Well…your first playlist I started before you turned one…

T: When I was zero years old.

Me: Right. Then when you turned one, I started your year 2 playlist. That’s what it means to be 1 year old; that your first year is over and you’re in your second year.

So when will I work on your year 10 playlist?

T: When I’m 9.

Me: How do you know that?

T: I don’t know. I just do…

So you’re working on Griffy’s year 9 playlist now? [Her brother Griffin is 8 years old]

Me: Yes. Nice. I was just about to ask you that, but you thought about it on your own. Good thinking.

T: Will you still be working on them when I’m an adult?

Me: I would gladly still work on them when you’re an adult. I don’t know if you’ll want me to at that point, but if you do, I will.

T: Oh, I will. Hey! Can you play my favorite song about the flower?

And so began the dance party.


4 responses to “Playlists

  1. Ridiculously cute. Never thought of or known anyone doing a year-by-year playlist for their kids. Brilliant!

  2. Christopher
    I just finished my first CD mix for my 3 year old now that she is insistent enough about her music. She has a song from the new Avett Brothers disc, some tracks from Annie (her big brother was in a production of Annie, Jr.) and some songs from the Muppet Movie, among others. I love the fact that you have Vijay Iyer on your list – man, he’s inspiring!

  3. With a 5 week old in the house, We’ve been having many of these “zero years old” conversations with our 4 year old. I never thought there would be so much math TEACHING in parenting, but hot damn I’m glad there is!!!

    Today she spotted the thermometer on the window at breakfast and asked, “why is there a 10 above AND below the zero.” I just buried my face in my coffee mug and changed the subject I was so caught off guard. Gotta get my A game on from here on out!

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