How long until dinner? Adventures in Kindergarten fractions

Regular readers of this blog may feel that Griffin has been featured more often in Talking Math with Your Kids than Tabitha has. But in fact it is tied 10 posts to 10 so far. Today, Tabitha takes the lead.

Tabitha got home from her third day of Kindergarten. School gets out at 4:00, it’s a long bus ride home and the bus has been running late these first few days.

Point being, she’s hungry when she gets home.

Tabitha (five): When can we eat dinner?

Me: I’ll go get it on the table. We’ll eat in about 15 minutes.

T: Awww! That’s like a half hour!

Me: No, a half hour is thirty minutes.

T: [long pause as she leaves the room, wandering thoughtfully into her bedroom] Awww! That’s a half-half hour!


4 responses to “How long until dinner? Adventures in Kindergarten fractions

  1. I can’t get enough of these, Chris.

  2. Tabitha is a bit ahead of the curve for Kindergarten thinking! You must be proud!

  3. I remember similar conversations with my own son. Watching him learn relationships between numbers has been a fabulous journey…

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