Smart Notebook app now available

I am looking at my Gmail inbox and I see that Smart is announcing the release of their Notebook app for iPad. Before I read it, let me state that I know it’s going to offer integration of the iPad with the SmartBoard.

I know I’ll be able to control my Smart Board from my iPad with this app and a wifi connection, right? I can draw or write on the iPad as I move around the room and the image will appear on the Smart Board in real time. Right?

Now I’ll open the email.

Ad copy:

Students can actively engage in personalized learning by creating basic multimedia files and completing SMART Notebook lesson activities using a choice of tools on their iPads. They can also learn collaboratively by saving files to work on at different times or by sharing the iPad screen to the SMART Board interactive whiteboard for whole-class discussion.

As personal devices become increasingly integrated into the classroom, SMART Notebook for iPad provides a versatile and highly anticipated option for your schools and districts.

That bolded text seems to hint at what I’m after. The following is from an online review:

A great app that lives up to its purpose. While on the outside it appears to be just a drawing app with no SMART Board connectivity (which is not the intent of the application,) the application lives up to SMART Product’s reputation. The application is perfect for small group instruction, to where the need of an actually SMART Board is unnecessary, or carrying a laptop across the room to pair it with an Interwrite pad can be tedious (in my position as a technology head and reading interventionist, painful…)

Hmmm…now I’m less hopeful.

Bob Jackman has done a really nice video overview of the app’s capabilities. But my feature doesn’t get addressed in it. (And by the way, the amount behind-the-scenes monkeying it must take to get these features up and running is astonishing.)

Seriously, “Can I control Notebook with my iPad?” is a question that has been asked many, many times in Smart Board sessions I have done. Teachers want these things to integrate with each other. I’m not convinced that they do yet.

The app is really intended for students to interact with a Notebook file on their own iPads. It costs $6.99.




2 responses to “Smart Notebook app now available

  1. I see what you want to do. If you want to be able to control your Smartboard from your ipad, there are two different ways to do that. One is with a remote desktop app like Splashtop or Doceri. That will give you control of your computer from your ipad. That is a great way to have control. You can also use Bridgit, which is an app made by Smart, but requires a server license. I should do a blog post about that! That does allow you to have multiple iPads writing on the Smartboard.

    My understanding of the app was never to have it control the Smartboard, but allow students to use .notebook files on their ipads. Not sure where the confusion has come in. Others thought the same thing.

    The part that is bolded that talks about students sharing what they have done on the screen is shown well in my video using Reflection App (which is have a blog post demonstrating or you could use your Apple TV as well.

  2. I, too, would love the app you thought this was. I use Doceri, but find it fiddly and annoying. I don’t want or need to interact with the other features of my computer when I’m running the smartboard – I just want to control the smart notebook. Oh well, maybe some day!

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