MCTM Fall Conference proposals are due

Here in Minnesota, students have a Thursday and Friday off from school in late October every year for state teacher meetings. This system is relatively inefficient, as attendance is not nearly as high as you would expect.

On Friday we hold the annual Fall Conference of the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Because numbers are small, it’s intimate and low key. Passionate teachers present sessions on topics that matter to them. Attendees lean towards the younger end of the spectrum-lots of preservice and early-career teachers.

All in all, a lovely and low risk presenting environment.

This year, it’s at Champlin Park High School in the northwest suburbs of the Twin Cities.

Applications for speaking are due today and we can always use a few more speakers.

What conversation would you like to have with your colleagues from around the state? Write up a description and we’ll do our best to get you on the program.

Me? I’m doing two. (1) A repeat/retread of last spring’s “They’ll Need It for Calculus”, and (2) “Are They Really Doubly Stuffed?” in which we’ll advance the science of Oreology.

See you in October!


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