Covers (judging books by)

Is this really what the best college teachers do?

Ridiculous cover aside, this is a great book. It would be frustrating for public K-12 teachers, I imagine, because every page would be a reminder of how much autonomy higher ed folks have. But it’s a great, easy and inspirational read.

It does not even attempt to address one-handed hand stands, however.


3 responses to “Covers (judging books by)


    A high school teacher can have autonomy… Autonomy like an undercover Jedi has.

  2. would it also be frustrating to hear about professors “discovering” great teaching practices that K-12 teachers got through training?

  3. I hear you, hillby. It seems you have read the book. And I hear you.

    But however they got these strategies, I am delighted to see them held up to the light in higher ed research. Because these ways of thinking about teaching are not the norm in higher ed (nor are they as widespread on K12 as we might like, I’m afraid). The book can help spread the ideas, but also to empower those who need a bit of courage to go against the grain. I know I needed that six years ago.

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