7 year old math jokes

Griffin is 7 years old. If you have been reading along, you know that we talk math a lot around the house. This is the sort of behavior that results…

On Wednesday of this week, he had a mild spill off his bike as he transitioned from the street to the sidewalk. On Thursday, he made the same transition with ease and grace.

G: Want to know why I don’t fall this time?

Me: Yes

G: Because I did it at the right angle! Get it? The RIGHT angle?

Like I said, there are consequences to talking math with your kids.

This kid’s a real cut up. So one more for your “pleasure”.

Griff was alerting me that his class would be studying two-digit multiplication in the coming week. This will involve the lattice algorithm (little do he and his teacher know just how familiar I am with this algorithm!)

G: If I have any lattice homework, I’ll eat it up! Get it? Lattice? Lettuce?


One response to “7 year old math jokes

  1. Brilliant and funny, Griffin rocks. Precious.

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