I need your help

OK, I know this is a strange request. But help me out here.

I teach at a community college. Pretty much everything about being at a community college is halfway between K-12 schools and four-year state institutions. The teaching load, the expectations of academic freedom and important to this request, the tenure process.

Finishing up my third year, I am exiting my “probationary period”. To complete this process, I need to assemble a portfolio. The specs on this portfolio are pretty loosey goosey. My dean (brand spankin’ new) is open to an electronic portfolio that demonstrates (1) teaching effectiveness, (2) professional development and (3) service. So I’m doing that, rather than a bunch of paperwork.

And for service, I want to make the case for service through engagement with the larger community (rather than through claiming to have sat on a bunch of school committees, which frankly I have not done).

And I believe a compelling case could be made by a collection of short testimonials. This is where you come in.

If I have written, said or asked something that had an effect on your classroom practice, would you please state that briefly and specifically and get it to me by email? mathematics (d0t) csd (you know what symbol goes here) gmail (dot) com.

I imagine a collection of these will be persuasive, no matter how small the impact is for any individual. I imagine that if I can get a dozen of these, themes will emerge and I can take it from there.

I plan to copy and paste—editing for grammar, spelling and punctuation, but not for content—and then provide some commentary around the collection.

I am not above the practice of twisting arms, but please don’t make me do that. If something springs to mind, shoot that email (or heck, I can even work with a tweet!) now.

It will even (especially?) be helpful if we have never met in person. Or if you have never commented on my blog. Maybe I don’t even know you exist (but probably I do).

Thanks in advance.



5 responses to “I need your help

  1. Done. Check your email.

    • Someone (@mpershan perhaps?) recently tweeted that he wished he had taken his methods course with you. I know Lusto echoed this – both in Philly and on his blog. Add me to that list.

      In some kind of way, I sorta feel we already are in Dr. Danielson’s class. Some weird distance ed type thing complete with personalized questions/discussions/readings based on our needs. Thanks for this.

      I’ll be glad to help. Can I have an extension? Is Tuesday good?

  2. Would be happy to! Give me a day or so. . .

  3. What Mr. Vaudrey said. Good luck!

  4. Chris, I have enjoyed a number of your blog posts, recent ones on PEMDAS and factorial come to mind, and they have served as discussion starters with my colleagues here. With my middle-school colleagues, we debated the expression 2*5!, and shared the logic and argument with classes. What’s great about a blog is that deep discussions, those that often took part as chance encounters in planning rooms, have now become more global and rich through our online communities.

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