Calling Minnesota middle school math teachers!

I was contacted recently by an interesting project that is a collaboration between the University of Minnesota and Harvard University.

They are working on a short-term intervention curriculum to improve seventh-grade students’ proportional reasoning. The project is funded by the Institute of Education Sciences in the federal Department of Education.

They are looking for 100 middle school math teachers in Minnesota. Here’s their blurb:

Project MARS (Mathematical Reasoning Strategies)  is  a collaborative seventh-grade math study between the University of Minnesota and Harvard University. Project MARS is seeking to recruit 100 seventh-grade math teachers throughout the state of Minnesota in addition to 100 seventh-grade math teachers throughout the east coast.  The 6-week intervention with seventh-graders and their teachers will span two consecutive academic years beginning January of 2013.  Specifically,  Project MARS targets students’ learning of ratio, proportion and percents through word problems, critically important concepts in middle school mathematics instruction and challenging for many students.

Our project website is located at which will provide you with more detailed information. It is important to note that Project MARS is an  Efficacy and Replication study that builds upon the previous success of several smaller studies conducted over the last five years.  Our previous smaller scale studies have been conducted in South Washington County,  Bloomington, and Osseo School districts. To date we have worked with nearly 2000 students and have yielded very positive results.

There is compensation; it’s professional development; you’re helping the world to better understand the learning of middle school kids. It’s win-win-win. See their site for details.

2 responses to “Calling Minnesota middle school math teachers!

  1. Can you take a 7th grade math teacher from Alaska? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! I would love to do this!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not my project, Alex. Click the link and see what you can find out. My hunch is that there’s some in person PD and possible in classroom data gathering that makes Kodiak unattractive to the project, but you can always ask!

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