My Oreo manifesto, part 2

So you read my previous blog entry in which I paid homage to the culinary sleuthing of Al Sicherman and alleged that Double Stuf isn’t really double stuf.

When we left off, we had been working with the assumption (soon to be demonstrated false) that Double Stuf is double stuf. We had learned that a single unit of stuf has about 17 calories and a single wafer has about 19 calories.

Enter the Triple-Double.

Again, we use Nabisco’s own data. One serving Triple Double Oreos has 1 cookie and 100 calories.

Translation: One serving of Triple-Double Oreos is 3 wafers (that’s the triple part), 2 stufs (that’s the double) and 100 calories (that’s the OMG! part).

Comparing the Triple Double to the Double Stuf, we can see that the only difference between one Double Stuf cookie and one Triple-Double cookie is 1 wafer and 30 calories.

What can we conclude? That a wafer has 30 calories. But wait! That’s over 50% more calories than we got under the assumption that a Double Stuf has double stuf. We have reached a contradiction, which means we need to reject our initial assumption.

Double Stuf ain’t double stuf.



2 responses to “My Oreo manifesto, part 2

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