Connected Mathematics posts

This week is our annual Getting to Know Connected Mathematics workshop on the campus of Michigan State University.

I’m meeting a large number of teachers this week and I expect more than a few of them will find their way here.

In that spirit, the following is a CMP teachers’ guide to the past couple of years on this blog.

Curriculum and standards

Commentary on Common Core

Commentary on one particular Common Core standard

How does CMP compare to some newer ideas in math education?

Algebra strand

The world’s most complicated launch (For Frogs, Fleas and Painted Cubes Problem 2.1)

Data strand

A risky context that we rejected (but interesting nonetheless)

Geometry and measurement strand

Cubeyness (or Overthinking Filling and Wrapping)

Wump hats I (Stretching and Shrinking)

Wump hats II (Stretching and Shrinking)

How many degrees in a polygon? (Shapes and Designs)

Number strand

Division of fractions (Bits and Pieces II)

Questions from middle schoolers

This has been an ongoing series of questions and answers from a CMP class in Alaska. This link takes you to the full collection.

Juvenile middle school humor

Come on. You know you couldn’t last a year in middle school if you didn’t find this stuff funny yourself.


CMP teachers…Got anything else you want addressed here? Let me know in the comments or by email; I’ll be glad to get to it.


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