Words and images to avoid (addendum)

We had a little fun back in April with words and images to avoid in the middle school classroom.

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it, no?

Consider the following from a recent draft of a project that will remain nameless, but which is intended for sixth grade:

Two boys who live near a golf course search for lost golf balls and package them for resale.

How many packs of 12 golf balls can be made
from a supply of 6,324 balls?


If a supply of 6,324 golf balls is packed in 12 boxes,
how many balls will be in each box?

2 responses to “Words and images to avoid (addendum)

  1. Heh, box. But man, kids are immature.

  2. And so are the best middle school teachers, R. Wright!

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