Sign at entrance to the exhibitThe setup

The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis has an exhibit titled “50/50”. The premise is that half of the exhibit was selected by public vote online and the other half of the exhibit was selected by museum curators in response to the public selections.

The questions

In the photo below, we see the public half of the exhibit on the left. The curators’ side on the right is masked in black. In fact, you can only see about 2/3 of the public’s side; the remainder is past the left-hand edge of the photograph.

The exhibit-public on the left, expert masked on the right.

(1) How many works are in the exhibit?

(2) How many did the public choose?

(3) How many did the experts choose?


Click here to see the unmasked image.

The museum claims approximately 200 works in the exhibit. Now how many do you think the public chose?

NOTE: I shall return to gather the necessary missing data-photographs of the entire exhibit. I don’t count anywhere close to 200 total in these images.


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