What? You’re not going to do the math for me this time?

So now I need to know what this discount is, nearly.


3 responses to “What? You’re not going to do the math for me this time?

  1. I think we all want to know what Borders has in mind – do they give their special members a 40% discount or is the additional 10% taken off after the 30% on the remaining 70% of the price – lets see if my math is right – assuming $100 purchase because I’m lazy and that’s a pretty simple calculation for a lazy mathematician – let’s go with the additional 10% off the remaining balance of the cost – (because 40% off original price is really easy) –

    30% of $100 = $70
    take an additional 10% off the sale price for another $7 in savings – the special member price is $63 – that’s nearly 40% off!

    Now I need a nap . . .

  2. But Mary, if 46% is “nearly 47%” or sometimes “nearly 46%”, then I am not at all sure that 37% is going to be “nearly 40%”.

  3. So now we know why Borders is no longer extant.

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