Oh no they don’t!

Fractions do not reduce.

Factors do not cancel.

i‘s do not vanish, nor do they disappear.

Equations do not balance.

Values of x do not get plugged in (nor do we chug).

FOIL is not a verb, nor is it a strategy.


5 responses to “Oh no they don’t!

  1. Simplify (multiple use)

    How am I doing so far?

  2. Aaaah. You made my day

  3. However, unless the bigger words mean what they’re supposed to, it makes **no difference** to the student.

    Sometimes it really is the crux of a student’s problem, tho’. I work in a walk-in tutoring center, and a student was fighting, frustrated, furious… and had her own special vocabulary with phrases like “work themselves out” that had nothing to do with the math that was happening. Tackling the language was immensely helpful, but took serious time.

  4. The Classroom Professor adds something useful to the list.

    Quit moving the decimal point!

  5. Hey, Chris, thanks for the link! I really think you and I are on the same page with this “you gotta make sense of the math you learn” stuff. Good job!

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