Deep in my professional heart, I am a math teacher. Right now I am in higher education but I got my start in the middle school. Part of my job has been and will be teaching how to teach math, through methods courses and professional development. I enjoy this work, but really I am happiest when I am teaching mathematics, not when I am teaching about teaching mathematics.

My favorite part of this other aspect of my job (the teaching about teaching mathematics aspect) is having professional conversations about teaching and learning. I don’t enjoy being the expert. I do enjoy trying out new ideas and hearing how others think about mathematics, and about teaching and learning mathematics.

Ultimately, I have more to say than any one person ever wants to hear so I am starting a blog. I can talk and others who are interested can listen.

I write for publication, but I have more to say than any one journal probably wants to publish so I am starting a blog. I can try out my short-form ideas and decide which are worth sending on to other, more formal venues.

I come into contact with hundreds of current and future teachers every year through my courses, my conference presentations and professional development workshops. I often think about conversations I have had with these teachers long afterwards, but I have no way of following up with them so I am starting a blog. I hope to invite others into these conversations.

In the coming weeks, I’ll write about some of my current activities, including Connected Mathematics (CMP) workshops, my new job at Normandale Community College and my recent work at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I hope to write weekly and to attract readers who will share their ideas and constructive criticism. So set a bookmark for and let me know what you think.


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